Responsibility Champion: Organizational Wallpaper

I really really like Hyperbole and a Half , an amazing web comic by Allie Brosh, alot and by that I mean a whole lot. So when I recently read her post on being a responsibility champion, it not only made me laugh hysterically, it also ended up inspiring me.

“It’s like I think that adulthood is something that can be earned like a trophy in one monumental burst of effort and then admired and coveted for the rest of one’s life.

Responsibility Trophy

What usually ends up happening is that I completely wear myself out. Thinking that I’ve earned it, I give myself permission to slack off for a while and recover. Since I’ve exceeded my capacity for responsibility in such a dramatic fashion, I end up needing to take more recovery time than usual. This is when the guilt-spiral starts.”

After reading this, I realized that I’d let my desktop go out of control, so I decided to be a “responsibility champion” and get myself organized! Looking at the wild clutter of random icons that had proliferated like rabbits on my dual monitor setup, I realized that I couldn’t get rid of most of them altogether, so I had to get them organized somehow.

Using the ancient version of photoshop I have and a basic color template, I made myself a handy little organizational wall paper to keep those random icons under control. The final touch was to throw in that awesome illustration that is huddled around the responsibility trophy to remind me not to overdo it. Here’s my 1280×1024 desktop wallpaper if you too want to become a responsibility champion! Oh, and being the sexy geeks that you all are, if you don’t like this one, making a new one should be easy enough, right?

Be a responsibility champion!


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