@OldSpice Guy Makes Twitter Responses Sexy

Yes, an ad campaign can get tired after a while. Maybe some of you are already bored with the Old Spice guy who dares to suggest that a man should smell like Old Spice and not a lady. But I for one still seem to laugh every time I see that man my man could smell like.

The commercial is up for an Emmy as well. Part of the credit goes to Old Spice’s advertising team, of course, but part of it goes to actor Isaiah Mustafa as well, who has gotten a huge dose of unexpected fame from this. In fact, after recently noting on his Twitter feed (which rather awesomely lists his location as “on a horse”) that he’s always wanted to play Luke Cage, he got a meeting with the folks at Marvel Universe.

However, the latest strand of the ad campaign is something I haven’t seen before – an intersection with social networking that involves personalized video responses from Mustafa via Old Spice’s YouTube channel. Including responses to Twitter users like Perez Hilton and David Blue, there are dozens of videos of Mustafa in the Old Spice bathroom answering questions ranging from “How can I smell like space shuttles?” to “Say MY name!”

Pretty much all of these are hilarious, but this is one of my favorites because of the very end. “Can you imagine if your smart brain could team up with my muscled body and wildly handsome face parts?”  I’m not sure if it makes me want to buy Old Spice, but it does make me want to see Isaiah Mustafa play Luke Cage.

Oh, and by the way?  If Mr. Old Spice himself happens to read this, be sure to let us know if you think geeks are sexy.  Because we’re willing to give you geek cred for the comic book thing.

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