Masterpieces: Lego Style

The magic of Lego never ceases to amaze me. This series of Lego artwork featured in Topcultured showcases the true flexibility—and inherent playfulness—that’s made these iconic toys (toys seems so limited a term!) so enduring. Who says you can’t play with toys as a grownup? Silliness.

I particularly like the take on the Mona Lisa and “American Gothic”. I’d totally hang a print of those in my house over the originals. And the Escher is truly brilliant. I can’t even begin to contemplate constructing something on this scale. My Lego prowess taps out pretty early on in the game, and once things get more complicated than adding a window or a door I’m pretty lame.

Any of you ever attempted something like this? Inspired to do so?

[Above photo/work by Marco Pece, via Flickr/Topcultured]


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