Monday morning links serving: The July 5th edition

Why Apple’s iPhone 4 Update Won’t Fix Your Reception Problem
This graphic shows why some people experience the iPhone 4 signal drop problems while others haven’t been able to reproduce it. It also explains why Apple’s incoming software update—which promises more accurate signal bars—won’t fix the antenna problem.

Top 10 Hulu Hacks and Power User Tips
Hulu has made your computer into a viable TV viewing alternative, and Hulu Plus might make it a real replacement. In celebration of all-things streaming and (mostly) free, here are our best Hulu hacks—downloading, watching anywhere, and advanced searching included.

The Top 3 File Compression & Extraction Softwares
Whether you’re tight on space, or need to send an enormous quantity of files, archiving software is the way to go. These days, not using an archiving suite is almost unthinkable, and it’s one of the first things you should download when you reinstall your operating system.

8 lead: an App Store for Windows, IE9 beta in August
A set of slides distributed to Microsoft’s PC partners in April of this year has been leaked onto the Internet. The slides outline Microsoft’s vision for Windows 8’s hardware ecosystem: the form factors the software giant will be targeting, the hardware capabilities that will be offered, and the demands that these parameters will place on OEMs.

10 of the Dumbest Gadgets Ever Made
To follow up with last week’s link, here’s another set of really dumb gadgets.


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