Sexy Super Heroes! [Pics]

Though the cosplay community is predominantly female, that doesn’t mean that guys don’t get into it as well – and so as a follow up to last week’s post on super heroines, here are some of their male counterparts. The very best super heroes that Flickr has to offer!

SupermanFonzie’s Cousin (CC) | Green Arrowpetelabrozzi (CC) | Green LanternM Skaffari (CC) | Batman (and Catwoman) – dosmosis (CC) | Robinnathaninsandiego (CC) | Nightwing with Batman – Cryptonaut (CC)

And now… onto Marvel!

Captain Americanathaninsandiego (CC) | Iron Fististolethetv (CC) | Spider-Man (and Black Cat) – alexscarcella (CC) | Archangelcathychang (CC) | CyclopsAnna Fischer (CC) | Wolverinenathaninsandiego (CC)

Now I know what you’re thinking: It’s not just heroes that are sexy. What about villains? Stay tuned…