Wednesday Geeky Pics: Sexy Super Heroines!

Yes, Supergirl is awesome, but of course she’s not the only superheroine in the comics world. Thanks to the joys of cosplay (and predominantly, to Comic Con and Dragon Con), here are some of our favorite heroines, decked out in style. We’ll even start with Marvel this time!

Psylocke of the X-Men. (Be careful, she might know what you’re thinking.) – Anna Fischer (CC), Rogue of the X-Men. (You can look, but don’t touch.) – Anna Fischer (CC), Rogue again, this time with Phoenix (via Jean Grey). – fonzi74/gbcrates (CC), Spider-Woman, the Jessica Drew version. – heathbar (CC), Foenix (CC), Digital Rampage (CC), Digital Rampage (CC), aloha75 (CC), Cayusa (CC), nathaninsandiego (CC), aloha75 (CC), howiemuzika (CC)

Stay tuned next week and we’ll have a look at some guys to add to the heroic bunch.