Sleep Through Meetings with the Pillow Tie

Every so often, I get dragged into a meeting that goes way beyond its original 30 minute time slot. Minutes stretch into hours, and my once thorough notes slowly become doodles of my favorite mythical creature, the Uniclops. Now as I work in a office work environment, I love unusual ties, like the Audio Cassette Tie, but I usually don’t get any extra functionality out of them. BEHOLD, the Pillow Tie!

This is a normal tie, which has a small inflatable pillow tucked inside so you can lay your weary head to rest. Surprisingly, it’s not too expensive for a novelty tie, just about $20 dollars, and who knows you might actually get to use it in that long, long meeting.

Now, if they offered a guarantee that I’d get unemployment benefits after getting fired for sleeping through the meeting, I’d be 100% sold!

[Pillow Tie | Via Geekologie]

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