Monday morning links serving: The June 14th edition

Apple would rather remove app than leave open-source license
After Apple learned that the popular game GNU Go was licensed under GPLv2, the app disappeared from the iTunes store.

15 Amazingly Clever Logos
For anyone who’s ever said logos can’t be interesting, here’s a list of some of the coolest, most creative logos ever.

The Rise And Fall Of The RIAA
We recently had a post questioning whether the RIAA’s legal campaign was a success or not. It seemed like there was plenty of evidence that it has been an incredible failure.

Switching from iPhone to Android
After three years as a loyal iPhone user, I’m thinking about making the switch to a phone running Google Android. I’m looking for something new, Android is looking good nowadays, and Apple’s creepy corporate culture is wearing me down.

WTF is HTML5? (Infographic)
HTML5 is the next major revision of HTML and will be used for many new functions that will benefit […]

The World Social Networking Ban Race
A nice interactive map listing where, why, and when various web 2.0 sites have been banned.


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