Choosing a Laptop over a Lap Dance: Geeky Bachelor Party

The Hangover - Waking Up the next dayWe all know that bachelor parties are typically a great excuse to get completely wasted, and do some very regrettable things with your male friends. One of my favorites recent comedies The Hangover, which if you haven’t watched you should, centers around the crazy situations that can occur at these parties, like proposing to a stripper or stealing Mike Tyson’s tiger. Now certainly these scenarios are exaggerated for the film, nonetheless bachelor parties do pose somewhat of an issue for a number of geeks who, manliness aside, just aren’t that into strip clubs. I’m not knocking those who do, I’m just sayin’ it’s not my bag to watch girls work out their “daddy issues” on stage.

What’s the alternative?

Choosing TCIP over TITSI was invited to one of my oldest friend’s bachelor party this last weekend, and was very pleasantly surprised when I arrived to see that my geeky friend did not dissapoint. His best man had of course setup a decent sized keg, which was getting good use, but more importantly they had setup several tables with 8 laptops, all connected to and were playing rounds of 4 vs. 4 on the new StartCraft 2 Beta.

Scheduled later for the night wasn’t a trip to a strip club, but the local gaming center. Once we got to the darkened den, with screens aglow in the dark we sipped our liquor infused Mountain Dew, got logged on, and played Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Day of Defeat: Source, the World War 2 expansion for Counter Strike, until the small hours of the morning. I have to say that we all had a great time, trash talking, and getting back into the experience that took up the good chunk of my high school and early college days.

Here’s my quick list why to go Geek for your bachelor party:

  • It’s less expensive to rent out a gaming facility than it is to get into a strip club or pay for a stripper. (Those 1 dollar bills really stack up fast!)
  • You are less likely to do something you will regret the next day, or even for the rest of your life! (Unless you really beat yourself up over how many times you got taken out by a head shot.)
  • You’re 99.5% less likely to contract an STD. “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas…except for herpes… that will come back with you”.

So…what about you? Have you exchanged that lap dance for a laptop?

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