Monday morning links serving: The May 31st edition

$2.95 – The Price For All Your Personal Details
For a $2.95 one year subscription, allows anyone to find all of the public information about you in one place. How safe is your identity in the Internet Age?

The room that makes you a part of Super Mario world
Young talented artist Antoinette J. Citizen has decorated a normal room to look like the first level from the Nintendo game Super Mario Bros. It contains all the bricks, question marks, coins and boxes that you can find in the real game.

Sony’s New Flexible OLED is Thinner Than a Strand of Hair
Flexible gadgets are undeniably sexy – but Japanese electronics giant Sony wasn’t content stopping there. For their newest display, they decided to also throw in ultra-thinness (just 80?m or a bit thinner than a human hair) and the energy-saving power of OLEDs into the mix.

Firefox Announces iPhone App
Mozilla has announced plans to launch a free iPhone Application that will let you access most of your Firefox browser data on the iPhone.

57 Ways To Supercharge Your Browser
If you only use your browser to, well, browse the web, you have not yet begun to harness its power. Learn how extensions and bookmarklets can throw the doors of the internet wide open.


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