The wacky side of Japanese wrestling

A few months ago, GeeksAreSexy brought you pictures of two odd gentleman smashing one another over the head with fluorescent lightbulbs. It’s all part of the crazy world of Japanese pro wrestling.

While the major promotions in the company offer a more traditional wrestling product, the smaller-scale promotions often offer a style which is… different.

Witness this match from the SPWC promotion where Survival Tobita takes on Mokujin Ken, a competitor whose style is tough to put into any one box (skip to 1:28):

This is the same promotion which once held a match to settle the age-old argument of which type of furniture is dominant:

Inanimate objects have also done well in the DDT promotion, which has an “Ironman heavymetalweight” championship which can change hands at any time, as discovered by another ladder which had fallen upon the human champion and captured the title, only to face this tough challenge:

In the same group, a blow-up doll also performed surprisingly well against a human opponent:

And the promotion doesn’t restrict itself to traditional arenas, as shown in this trip to a campsite:

Finally we leave you with Hustle where gargantuan MMA fighter Bob Sapp takes on Razor Ramon Hard Gay, a man whose masculinity is displayed in a very different fashion: