What must-have features should every mobile phone have? What features would you easily give up?

Even though there are hundreds of mobile phone models out there, there is a single thing they all need to do, and do well, place phone calls. As surprising as it may seem, even though I run a blog that’s occasionally gadget-oriented, my mobile (or more specifically, my wife’s mobile) is somewhat limited feature-wise. I’ve been having a hard time justifying paying $80+ per month just to have access to the web a few times per month, even though it would be really useful from time to time. But apart from placing phone calls and having basic web access, I wouldn’t really need a phone for anything else. Themes and text messages are optional as far as I’m concerned. A integrated camera? No thanks, I prefer taking my trusty PowerShot SD780IS digital camera with me.

But what about you, dear readers? what must-have features do you think every mobile phone should have? What features would you easily give up? Please let us know in the comments section below!

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