James Hance’s Amazing Star Wars-Themed Art

I’ve always had a special place in my heart for Star Wars-themed art. Yes, I know, this shouldn’t really come as a surprise to anyone here, I am a geek after all! So when Geeks are Sexy reader Amanda contacted me to let me know about one of her friend’s art, I eagerly clicked on her link, and let me tell you, I really, really liked what I saw.

James Hance is a Jacksonville-based artist who takes his inspiration from television shows and movies from his childhood to create some of the best paintings I’ve seen in a long time. When I asked James about what medium he uses and where he takes his inspiration for his paintings, here’s what he replied:

I paint in acrylics, mainly on wood board. I pick up well-loved and slightly sorry looking frames from thrift stores and the like as I feel they sometimes offer just as much character to the painting as the painting itself. :)

I’m inspired by television and movies from my childhood. It’s funny how you watch some of those things today and wonder why you were so obsessed with them at the time. I remember the Fonz being SO much cooler than he actually was. My paintings are basically just placards screaming ‘Childhood! It was amazing! I want it forever, please!’ I paint mainly in my pajamas, watching the Muppet Show and eating cereal. I’d like to think it shows.

Painting in your pajamas while watching the Muppet Show and eating cereal? That sure sounds like fun, James, and as far as I’m concerned, yes, it does show.

Here are a few more of James’ paintings (posted with permission), for your viewing enjoyment.

Let The Wookie Win

Young Stormtroopers In Love

The Death Of General Vader

Anakin In The UK


Vader & Binky

Homeless Stormtrooper

The Gentle Sith

And as an extra:

Max & Carol (Where The Wild Things Are)

If you want to see more of James’ work, be sure to check out his profile on Artbreak.com.

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