[GaS] Giveaway – Caption Contest #1: 2 x $50 in Prizes

Hey everyone! My friend Alex over at Neatorama has recently re-opened his site’s online shop, and to celebrate the occasion, he offered me two free $50 gift certificates to distribute among you guys. In case you’ve never heard of the site, Neatorama is one of the top 100 most visited blogs on the Intertubes, and its store is filled with amazing stuff you’ll have trouble finding anywhere else online.

To participate, the only thing you have to do is to write a caption (1 caption per comment. You can submit multiple comments) for the picture you see below. The two people with the best entry (as determined by me) will each win one $50 gift certificate to spend at the Neatorama shop. Please note that the contest is also open to members of our Facebook fan page. Good luck!

EDIT: Ok, we’ve got more than enough entries now! We’ll announce the winners on Monday. Thanks to everyone for making this such a great success!

EDIT 2: Congratulations to Jenny and Marco Mo who both won one $50 Neatorama Gift Certificate!

Winning caption #1: I was driving at 88mph as you told me… and let me tell you something, the future sucks.

Winning caption #2: You know how you told me to look up that site, Geeks Are Sexy? Yeah, it cost me my car! …yeahs, it’s good.

[Neatorama Store | Picture Source: Engadget]