Connekt’s High-Tech “Kiss” Video

Ex-video game designer Karine Fortin, who incidentally is one of my next-door neighbors, is the voice behind Connekt. Since Karine is debuting her musical career and needs a bit of help, I decided to share her first video with you guys. Karine will surely be reading this, so if you want to leave a comment about your thoughts on the video, she’ll be there to see them. Oh, and the clip is more than geeky enough, so don’t worry about me posting un-geeky things on [GaS] ;)

Kiss’s clip was entirely shot in 2 days in her cramped bedroom on a green screen with a Canon 7D camera. Post-production was then done by her spouse, Marc Morissette, via Nuke and Final Cut. The whole project took just a little over 3 weeks to finalize.

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