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Secrets of the Southpaw

If you’ve ever wondered why some people are left-handed, the answers may lie in the rest of the animal kingdom. Nora Schultz has explored the issue in a fascinating article in the latest edition of NewScientist. The starting point of Schultz’s piece is the idea that having a dominant side is a feature of most […]

The Danger of Science Denial

Vaccine-autism claims, “Frankenfood” bans, the herbal cure craze: All point to the public’s growing fear (and, often, outright denial) of science and reason, says Michael Specter. In the following video, he warns that the trend may spell disaster for human progress.

Girls are REALLY bad at sound effects [Videos]

In fact, they’re so bad, that they can turn any average movie into an hilariously awesome experience. Part I Part II

OMG this is Awesome: Apollo 11 Saturn V Launch

This clip is raw from Camera E-8 on the launch umbilical tower/mobile launch program of Apollo 11, July 16, 1969. This is an HD transfer from the 16mm original. The camera is running at 500 fps, making the total clip of over 8 minutes represent just 30 seconds of actual time. Narration is provided by […]

Boy Scouts earn video game honor

You might think the Boy Scouts was a way to encourage children to spend more time on healthy outdoor pursuits and less time slumped in front of a screen. But now the movement is offering an award for video gaming. The awards, from the Boy Scouts of America, are not for in-game achievements but rather […]

Slave Leia Splashdown – The Best Car Wash of All Time

Last week, to support the Make-A-Wish foundation, a fleet of Slave Leias from the 501st Legion washed cars in Los Angeles, CA, under the careful supervision of Lord Vader and a few of his stormtroopers. Needless to say, for male geeks, this is probably the most awesome car wash of all time. Sorry girls, no […]