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10 Annoying Habits of a Geeky Spouse
Everyone has annoying habits, and a sizable part of every successful marriage is learning to live with those things each other does that annoy you. I think it’s safe to say, too, that geeks have some habits that we think are awesome, but that non-geeks find a little…less awesome.

Top 10 Endearing Habits of a Geeky Spouse
Here’s the perfect something to go along with the previous link!

The World in Lego
To rebuild buildings, places and objects in Lego has become so commonplace that it takes a unifying theme to put a method to the brick madness. For us at Environmental Graffiti, what could be better than to highlight the beauty of selected UNESCO World Heritage Sites? We’ve picked ten incredible Lego equivalents.

Apple is now accepting iPad app submissions
According to an email just sent out to devs, Apple is now accepting iPad application submissions through iTunes Connect. You can submit your application today and “receive feedback” on its “readiness for the grand opening.”

How To: Hide Your “Collection”
All this talk about preserving digital legacies got me thinking: What about the bits we don’t want to leave behind? Y’know, the risqué material? Don’t pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about.


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