Fairy Tale + Werewolves + Felicia Day = SyFy’s “Red”

You may have heard that Amanda Seyfried is going to be starring in a new retelling of Little Red Riding Hood helmed by the director of Twilight, but who cares about that when SyFy’s doing their own retelling that features both werewolves and Felicia Day?

Here’s the description from SyFy for the upcoming Red:

In the action-packed Red, Red (Day) brings her fiancé home, where he meets the family and learns about their business – hunting werewolves. He’s skeptical until bitten by a werewolf. When her family insists he must be killed, Red tries saving him.

The SyFy original also stars Kavan Smith from Stargate Atlantis and Stephen McHattie from Watchmen. It’s shooting in Canada now, where apparently it’s cold.

Yes, I’m well aware that SyFy hasn’t exactly been producing films of the highest caliber recently, but I’m still holding out hope that this will be more like Tin Man and less like DinoShark. (Also, if any of you happened to watch DinoShark this weekend, please do comment and let us know how bad/awesome/awesomely bad it was.)

[Image Source: SyFyMovies]

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