Monday morning links serving: The March 8th edition

Why Ad Blocking is devastating to the sites you love (Please read this)
Did you know that blocking ads truly hurts the websites you visit? We recently learned that many of our readers did not know this, so I’m going to explain why.

15 Hilariously Funny Hacked Signs
The 15 of the funiest hacked signs of all time.

Steve Jobs says “No” to iPhone tethering on the iPad
In a classic Steve Jobs email, Apple’s CEO bluntly puts to rest any notion that users will be able to tether their iPhones to the iPad to access the Internet.

RIAA Claims Music Pirates Hurt Haiti Fund Raising!
Wow. The RIAA is getting seriously desperate these days.

How To: Run Windows in OS X, the Right Way
If you’re anxious about switching from a PC to a Mac, consider this: There are a multitude of ways you can virtualize Windows within OS X, and they all work uniquely well. Here’s how to choose the right one.


3 Responses to Monday morning links serving: The March 8th edition

  1. When I am out and about on the web without adblock on I regularly see ads that are offensive (I'm not talking pornographic, just disturbing) on "safe", "family friendly" sites. I get tired of seeing fat people's bellies, obvious scams and disturbingly bizarre photos trying to catch my eye so I block them.

    I understand that this in turns cuts down on ad traffic which causes the advertisers to try even more out there things to catch the eye of those who are not ad blocking, so it's one vicious cycle.

  2. why would you buy a mac and then put windows on it just to try a mac out? has this guy never heard of a hackintosh? not to mention that macs are junk anyways…

  3. I'm running the Noscript add-on on Firefox, because I do not completely trust every site I find with, for example, Google, and what they do with Flash or JavaScript.

    However, I turn JavaScript and Flash on for every site that I frequently visit or that has been useful to me in any way. So I see all the ads. (One exception: I don't like pop-ups and I will do everything to stop them).

    But this is what I see when Flash and Javascript is on: right now I'm looking at an ad that says that I'm the 1 millionth visitor. And I see that ad on a lot of blogs and other sites EVERY DAY! Clearly it's a lie. It's an obvious attempt to attract unwary visitors to enter their email addresses. This is why I have to drill friends and family not to click those links. Luckily they are smart enough.

    Then there are those in your face Evony ads. I didn't play that game, but I very much doubt it has anything to do with attractive ladies and a lot with a basic online strategy game. So there you go again.

    A lot of these ads try to be something they aren't really. And those business models usually don't last that long. Because customers don't like to be lied to. The same goes for games that use "unethical" monetization strategies, like Farmville used to do (do they still secretly subscribe people to mobile phone services?). You find adds to those sites on blogs also.

    In the long term I don't think professional blogs are helped with ads to those sites. Probably readers are smart enough to know that professional bloggers need a lot of ads to keep getting a worthy paycheck, and that they just subscribe to those ad-services.

    Its just that every time I see those ads, something inside me says: "what are you trying to do, jackasses?"

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