Sims 3 “Ambitions” Expansion: Good vs. Evil

The Sims 2 Ambitions

Expansion packs are huge for the Sims. The first version of the game featured 7 over about 4 years, and there were 8 released for Sims 2 over the next 5 years. And since Sims 3 has been out for a year and has only had one so far – World Adventures – it’s about due for another.

The premise of the second Sims 3 expansion, titled “Ambitions,” is that players can influence their sims’ goals. Examples given include:

  • a stylist who can either exquisitely coif or hideously crop a neighbor’s hair,
  • a doctor who can heal the sick or use them for horrible experiments,
  • a tattoo artist who can beautify or desecrate a customer’s body, and
  • a firefighter who can save a burning home or chop the interior into kindling.

In other words, looks like sims are getting alignments! So whether someone is good or evil, it will influence how their neighbors react to them and will play “an extremely important part” in how the game is played.

The expansion is planned for release in June.

[Via GameSpot]


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  1. I hate to say this since I loved the first generation of Sims games, but Sims 3 was the biggest waste of $50 in my life. The game is boring and was certainly over hyped prior to release with too many good reviews despite its boring nature.

    • Yay! Sims 3 is awwwesome. I cant wait 2 get is 4 my ps3 ^_^ I want sims 3 ambitions also now. Why is virtual so fuun 2 do tasks and in real life its just all ehh.

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