Scribe SEO WordPress Plugin: SEO Made Simple and Effective

I know for a fact that MANY of our readers are bloggers themselves, and among you, a lot use WordPress as their blogging platform of choice. What I’m going to show you today will not only help you get more traffic from search engines, but will do so without you having to compromise on the quality of your content. Writing specifically to get search engine traffic may get you a few extra hits on the long run, but if you do so, your regular readers will hate you for it, trust me.

Doing basic SEO work on each of your articles as you write them is pretty straightforward, but what if I told you there’s a super easy way of getting everything right with minimal work?

Introducing Scribe

Scribe is a WordPress plugin that helps you make the best decisions on what to do to improve your content SEO-wise as you are writing it. Oh, there are plenty of plugins that claim to do the same thing out there, but nothing as simple and effective as this one.

Blogging has a lot of built-in SEO benefits, especially all that updated content. But to score search rankings that bring long-term traffic, smart on-page optimization still matters. Now you can efficiently tweak your content for search without confusion or hours of work.

With Scribe you’ll:

* Remove SEO guesswork
* Retain maximum readability
* Reduce optimization time

I’ve been running Geeks are Sexy for almost 5 years now, and so far, I’ve never seen anything that even comes close to the quality of this product.

The plugin isn’t free, but for those of you who want to try it out, you can download the test version, which is good for 10 posts analysis, for free.

[Download Scribe]

Edit: The page on the site states that the plugin is good for 5 analysis, but I got 10 when I installed the product.

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