Wednesday Geeky Pics: Geeky Hats

This one’s kind of self explanatory, folks. When you’re feeling geeky, put on your geek hat. Here are a few to choose from…

Mudkip, I choose you! (It should be noted that the Poke-fan in this picture isn’t afraid of getting bird flu, he’s just being anonymous). – icantcu (CC)

Hacker in training. Considerably more constructive than giving a kid a fireman’s hat. – wiphey (CC)

This helm has +20 geekiness. – mrtea (CC)

As we’ve learned from previous crafty pic posts here, everything is better with Space Invaders. – mmoroca (CC)

GOOMBA! Quick, someone stomp on its head! – xamonster (CC)

Brief and to the point. – kulp (CC)


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