Monday morning links serving: The March 1st edition

Apple admits using child labour
Apple has admitted that child labour was used at the factories that build its computers, iPods and mobile phones.

HDTV Test: Does 1080p truly matter?
When it comes to TVs, the size of the display certainly matters, but for those of you who were wondering whether most people can really tell the difference when it comes to “full HD” and 1080p versus as 720p, we tested out two sets that are on the “cusp” of truly showing off true HD quality, at 42 inches.

Amazing 3D Pavement Art
I thought Julien Beever was good, but Edgar Mueller takes 3D chalk pavement art to a new level!

15 Awesome Google Services You Never Knew Existed
Most of the mega company’s services are either full blown web applications readily available to the public, or secretly tucked away behind a door in the Google Labs. However, even those wearing their Public Beta scrubs are readily available to play with.

Five Best Music Streaming Services
The internet has revolutionized nearly every form of media, and music is no exception. This week we look at the five most popular music streaming services to see how people are getting their music fix.

10 Dumbest 911 Calls
Some people call 911 for very strange reasons and often get in trouble for it. Meet ten 911 stories you won’t believe.


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