Why You Should Never, Ever Pay More Than $10 For HDMI Cables

My recommendation? Amazon.com has some great HDMI cables priced at under $3. I have around 5 of these at home and they work just as well as those $250 monstrosity. [Via Lifehacker | Mint]

Modern Warfare 2 floored by logistical screw-up

Debate about the implementation of the stimulus package rages on. But this time it’s not the US government, but rather Microsoft, which is the subject. The situation involves the first major downloadable content to the hugely successful Modern Warfare 2, marketed as the Stimulus Package and released on the Xbox 360 yesterday. (It’s set to […]

April Fools’ Day Prank: Voice Activated Printers / Copiers

Since tomorrow is one of the most anticipated day of the year for many geeks, we though you’d enjoy this little prank we recently stumbled upon on the web. Thanks to these custom-made PDFs designed for the most popular brands of printers/copiers, you can now get your work colleagues talking to empty air, making complete […]

Kids Choir Sings Portal’s “Still Alive”

Ladies and gentlegeeks, here is “Still Alive”, Jonathan Coulton‘s awesome song that plays at the end of Portal, as performed by the Gifford Children’s Choir. Enjoy!

Skeletor Getting a Root Canal [PIC]

Because, you know, everyone needs to pay a visit to the dentist sometimes, especially villains like Skeletor, who want to keep their evil-looking grin in good shape at all time. Hit the link for a picture of He-Man getting a haircut. [Link] [Edit: Somehow, the link doesn’t work for a lot of people. To make […]

Magnets mask morals

If you think your morals are immutable, think again. It turns out nothing more complicated than a set of magnetic pulses could impair moral judgments. Researchers at the Massachussets Institute of Technology have identified the so-called moral compass as being a section of the brain known as the right temporo-parietal junction, located just behind the […]

Pac-Man on the Moon

From its position in orbit around Saturn, the Cassini spacecraft revealed some interesting images of the icy moon Mimas – “unexpected hot regions” that happen to resemble Pac-Man about to chomp down on a pink dot. Though the heated dot was expected due to the warm spot around Herschel Crater (which is what makes the […]

Job Offer: [GaS] is looking for a few good contributors

Edit: Please note that the position has been filled. Thanks to everyone who sent in an email! [Geeks Are Sexy] is currently looking for passionate IT people / geeks who are up to the challenge of blogging a few days each week about geekdom, technology and other IT related topics. Here are some reasons you […]

Zero Clutter: The Battle for Desk Space Begins

Produced by Youtube user meerakapur for Lenovo, Zero Clutter is a stop-motion animation that uses clay to partly recreate a semblance of The Matrix’s famous Agent Smith vs. Neo fight scene. Check it out. [Via TechEblog]

Galactic Empire State of Mind

He’s got 99 problems but a Jedi ain’t one. Lyrics after the jump.

More Photoshop CS5 Content-Aware Fill Awesomeness

We’ve posted about Photoshop’s upcoming content-aware fill feature last week, but according to YouTube user wopkins, this new feature is actually a lot more powerful then we initially thought. Check it out: [Via Neatorama]

Sony Kills Linux on PS3

Sony is to remove the option for PlayStation 3 owners to install their own choice of operating system. The feature had already been cut from the new “slim” model but will be removed from older machines as well on Thursday when a new firmware update is released. At first glance, it might seem baffling that […]