GeekFest Montreal + Giveaway!

I’m not sure how many of you are aware that even though most of [GaS]’s contributors and readers come from the United States, this blog is actually being managed from Canada, more specifically from the region of Montreal, Quebec. So to help out the local geek community, I decided to officialy sponsor one of Montreal’s first big multi-disciplinary geek festival, GeekFestMTL.

Even though the festival’s organizational comitee is mostly French, GeekFestMTL is addressed to people who speak both of the province’s official languages: French and English.

If you speak French, you can check out the festival’s official site here, and for people living in the region of Montreal who do not speak la langue de molière, more details about the event can be read via this blog post (excerpt below.)

The festival will take place on March 6 (10AM to 6PM) and 7 (10AM to 7PM), 2010, at SUPINFO – École supérieure d’informatique, located at 752 Sherbrooke Street West in Montreal (easily accessible from McGill metro station) (Google Maps). All types of geeks are invited, but there is nothing stopping non-geeks from participating in the event!

Montreal is the perfect city for any geek festival. The city already hosts many of them, each one more interesting than the last. We are not trying to replace other festivals. We simply want to create a new type of enjoyable gathering.

How will we accomplish this? The idea of GeekFest is to create several smaller festivals/activities featuring different categories of geeks, all under the banner of one large festival: GeekFest!

Since this will be the first GeekFest, we will be focusing on the most common types of geeks: Apple Geeks, Computer Geeks, LAN/Gamer Geeks, Music Geeks, RPG/Board Game Geeks, SciFi Geeks.

Of course, the idea is to represent as many types of geeks as possible. We are thus working with various organizations, businesses and volunteers who will teach us more about geek varieties throughout the festival. Our long?term goal is obviously to increase the number each year!

We have planned plenty of activities to entertain all our visitors: a Geek Orchestra, a LAN Party, Video presentations, different kinds of Geek competitions and debates, Cosplay, a RPG area, an xBox lounge, a Retro-Gaming section, a CodeFest, a Geek Food competition, and so on.

Will you be there? Of course you will!

For those attending who wish to meet, I’ll be present (picture of me) at the festival on March 6th, from around 11AM to 3PM.

I also have 1 free ticket to the event to give away, so if you’re interested, please send me an email using the contact section of the blog’s top menu bar.


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