Bacon Fudge Brownies: The New Geek Fuel

By Andrea Little
Guest Blogger

As we all know; EVERYTHING tastes better with bacon. As a purveyor of food porn (aka the Food network) I came across a show featuring chocolate covered bacon. So, when stumped for a recipe to take to recipe club; thoughts of bacon dancing in a chocolate shower came to mind. A quick trip to the grocer and an hour later Bacon Fudge Brownies emerged from the oven. Simple and easy to make even a geek like me cannot mess up this yummy combination.


  • A baker by no means, I chose a boxed brownie mix, but you can use your own recipe
  • 2 eggs
  • ½ cup veggie oil
  • 2 tablespoons of high quality H2O
  • 1 lb of bacon, diced in ½ inch squares
  • Cooking spray

In a pan brown the bacon until the fat renders out and the bacon is crisp and golden brown. (You will want to keep the bacon drippings for other tasty dishes). Lay out the bacon on a paper towel to absorb any remaining grease. This will allow the bacon pieces to cool as well, you do not want to add hot bacon to the brownie batter.

Follow the preheating instructions on the brownie box for your particular baking dish, altitude, and oven. This is now the time to prepare the brownie batter. Use the cooking spray to grease your baking dish and set aside. Combine the wet ingredients; eggs, oil, and water. Once combined, slowly add the dry brownie mix. After the batter is mixed fold in ¾ of the bacon, saving ¼ for topping the brownies. DO NOT USE YOUR MIXER as it will break apart the bacon! Fold in the bacon with a spatula until combined then transfer to the greased baking dish. Sprinkle the remaining bacon on top and place on the center rack of your already pre-heated oven. Check your brownies 5-10 minutes before the timer sounds. Take a toothpick or fork and poke the middle, when it comes out clean, your brownies are done. Allow to cool and cut. These are very fudgy brownies so clean your knife after each cut, because it is going to get ooey-gooey.

Suggestions for brownies: You can eat them all (not recommended) or take them to your local con and share. The latter is highly recommended for the single geek gal out there. The geek to girl ratio at con is generally 5 to 1. Also, when giving these out I received one marriage proposal, a profession of love and devotion, several “You are a genius!”, innumerable “WOW!”s, and many tweets. If you don’t believe me ask the guys from MechCorps (@MechCorps – twitter). According to them: the internet wants my brownies!

Andrea Little is a graphic designer from Houston, TX. She can be found on twitter: @divadrea75