Axe Cop

Comic illustrator Ethan Nicolle went home for the Christmas holidays and listened to his five-year-old brother Malachai tell stories. Now, if you’ve ever been around a five-year-old boy, you know what kind of stories they tell, full of things little boys love like dinosaurs, space travel, weapons, aliens, super heroes, explosions, robots, and cops. And they intersperse those fantastical things with more familiar themes, like food, family, and playmates. Story arc, logical transitions, and cliche avoidance matter not a whit when the action gets going. And who’s to say these things really matter in the long run, when the result is as entertaining as Axe Cop?

Yes, it’s a webcomic collaboration between the five-year-old storyteller and his adult brother the artist. Axe Cop was born when a cop found the perfect fireman’s axe. He immediately took on a partner who had a flute, therefore he was Flute Cop! This crime fighting duo takes on multiple nefarious adversaries. Although Flute Cop undergoes constant magical transitions into ever-weirder forms, he always remains a loyal sidekick. After a few adventures, Malachai filled in the backstory of Axe Cop and his buddy as youngsters, so you might want to slip “episode zero” in between episodes four and five, as that was the order in which they were written.

There are eleven episodes of Axe Cop online now. You can see how Ethan and Malachai work together in this interview. The result is wonderful! Anyone who’s ever had, or ever been, a five-year-old storyteller will get a real kick out of this. Who knows? Maybe someday they’ll make a movie of Axe Cop!