Monday morning links serving: The February 22nd edition

Happy 20th Birthday Photoshop: The Most Popular Tips
Photoshop stepped onto the scene 20 years last week, introducing “‘Shopped!” into the language of internet pundits everywhere. Check out our most popular Photoshop tutorials.

Space Images: The Best of Hubble’s Shots
Even though you’ve probably already seen some of them, these pictures never get old.

The Secret World of Private BitTorrent Trackers
Somewhere on the web is the ultimate music site. It has virtually every album, EP and single ever released in a variety of high-quality formats with insanely fast download speeds. You’re probably not allowed in.

30 Useful (and Unknown) Web Apps You Need to Bookmark!
To help you prepare for a future in the cloud, we’ve put together a list of 30 of our favorite web apps and services. We’ve tried to keep them on the lesser-known side, but a few of the classics have snuck their way in.

Today’s best CPUs compared… to a Pentium 4 3.8GHz
How do current $74 CPUs compare to the $133 ones? To exclusive $1K Extreme Editions? Interesting questions, but what if you took a five-year-old Pentium 4 3.8GHz and pitted it against today’s CPUs in a slew of games and other apps? The results are eye-opening.


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