The Geek Guide to Valentine’s Day Gifts 2010

Love is in the air! Or at least, hearts and flowers and overpriced candy and marketing that plays on your feelings of romantic obligation. But whether you think Valentine’s Day is a good idea or not, if you have a significant other you’re probably celebrating anyway. So if that significant other happens to be a geek (particularly a female geek who might find roses terribly uncreative), we’re here to help out with some last minute gift ideas. Check out our guide from last year for more!

Speck Case
It’s not what you look like, it’s what’s on the inside that counts – but even if your laptop is rocking some awesome innards, it doesn’t hurt to give it a little style. I have a Speck shell on my MacBook Pro, and it’s not only pretty, but it’s super durable. They’re running a special for Valentine’s Day – 25% off everything red, pink, and purple. And though they’re best known for their shells for Apple products, they have them available for PC laptops and a number of other gadgets as well, including Blackberries.

Tactical Corset
Here’s quite the gift for a geek girl, particularly one of the cosplay variety. This company just opened in December, and their mission is to take one of the most sophisticated garments every devised and make it… well, tactical. These corsets meet military specifications, and have quick-release buckles and modular accessory pouches. So whether you need survival gear, ammo, or whips and handcuffs, you won’t need a purse to carry it in. Oh, and there are versions for men, too.

Cthulhu in Love Perfume
Last year one of my suggestions was a scent locket from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab with one of their unique scents, some of which are based on Lovecraft mythology. Well just in time for Valentine’s Day they’ve created a special scent sold through ThinkGeek – Cthulhu in Love, the scent that The Great One uses to attract lovers. Like most of the scents at BPAL it’s probably like nothing you’ve ever smelled, in this case, “an amorphous mix of oppressive, piceous ritual incense, macerated kelp, sea salt, sticky dark ocean plants, and . . . mixed chocolates.” Of course, if Cthulhu isn’t the right match, you can peruse the hundreds on BPAL, including the Neil Gaiman collection, where proceeds benefit the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.

Vase Confetti Kit
For those of you who do want to go the traditional flower route, here’s a way from ThinkGeek to give some science with your roses! You add this stuff to the water in a vase; it’s actually a water-hungry polymer that absorbs more than 100 times its mass in water, turning it into a cool collection of tiny gel balls. It’s pretty and it’ll keep your flowers alive longer.

Plushy Robot
Because, let’s face it, this is way cooler than a teddy bear. Plus they’re hand-sewn, adorable, and guaranteed to make you smile.

Digital Money Jar
Not only does this count as a pink gadget, but it’s practical, too. If you want to be really romantic, slap a label on it that says “second honeymoon fund” and watch the pennies turn to dollars as you empty out your pockets. Also, take note that for some reason, you can get one of these for $14.95 but two for $10. Math fail = sale win!

His and Her Wii Remotes
These haven’t actually been released yet, but pre-orders ship on Valentine’s Day. These new Wii remotes come with MotionPlus and in pink and blue, which means that while you’re playing Wii tennis together you can keep track of whose racket is whose.

Pacman Rings
Etsy is a great place to look for unique, crafty gifts, particularly of the geeky variety. These made-to-order rings are a bit pricey, but definitely a conversation starter. The crafter suggests that giving the rings one at a time could be fun, ending with the Pacman to top it off.

Take Me Home Pendant
Another find from Etsy, for the World of Warcraft player in your life. A small version of a hearthstone to hang on a necklace, it’s subtle, and it has a nice thought behind it: you can always find your way home.

DiY Horde Earrings
For the horde! And for that WoW girl. And from the crafty (or thrifty) gift giver. Here’s some step-by-step instructions on how to make your own horde earrings.

A very happy Valentine’s Day to everyone!

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