Monday morning links serving: The February 8th edition

Become a Gmail Master Redux
Gmail is easily the most popular email application among power users, and with good reason: It’s an excellent app. But if you haven’t gotten to know its best shortcuts, tricks, Labs features, and add-ons, it’s time you made Gmail sing.

Sticker Shock: the REAL Cost of your Favorite Gadgets
If you’re thinking about picking up a new cell phone, gaming system or other gadget, you might be shocked at the sticker price – and you might wonder just how much of a profit the company is making on your purchase.

Why (and How) Apple Killed the $9.99 Ebook
Publishers joining Apple’s iBooks store are turning their back on Amazon and its vision of the flat $9.99 ebook. Apple forced the music industry to charge 99 cents per song, so why are they helping publishers set their own prices?

Mathematician Uses SETI Formula To Determine He Has A 0.00034% Chance Of Getting Laid
An economics graduate student in the UK has used the well-known Drake Equation – used to figure out how many advanced civilizations might reside in our galaxy – to determine why he hasn’t had a girlfriend in three years.

Lithium-Ion Battery Life Could Reach 20 Years
Japanese research firm Eamex claims that new lithium-ion battery technology could result in batteries that last up to 20 years and sustain over 10,000 recharges. (Submitted by nikki4digg)

The FBI Wants Our Web Browsing Activity: Fair or Foul?
FBI Director Robert Mueller wants ISPs to track “origin and destination information” about their customers’ browsing habits and store them for authorities’ use for two years, according to a CNET report.


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