Wednesday Geeky Pics: Geeky Signs

From the obvious to the subtle to the vandalized, signs that can make a geek giggle aren’t all that uncommon. Here are just a few, but the next time you see one, consider snapping a picture to share!

The place to be? Geek Drive. – erwin-photography (CC)

On the other hand, imagine how epic it would be to be at the intersection of Geek and L33t. – glutnix (CC)

Beware of networked bikers. – stephenliveshere (CC)

Free geeks? Now that’s a deal. – jmchuff (CC)

This sign hangs in a building at MIT, so it’s probably saved a fair few pedestrians. – seangraham (CC)

Fuel for geeks. – kayveeinc (CC)

404 not found. – raster (CC)

Danger: Zombie Attack! – underbiteman (CC)

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