PETA Wants Groundhog Replaced with Robot

File this under “strange but true.” Apparently one of PETA’s latest projects is an attempt to save Punxsutawney Phil from the cruel and unusual treatment of being forced to see his shadow (or not) every February 2. They believe that the ceremony is “traumatizing and stressful” for the groundhog, and that he should be replaced by a robot.

So is there any truth in this? The president of the Groundhog Club of Western Pennsylvania says that Phil is treated better than the average child in Pennsylvania. And no one finds that troubling?

As far as PETA’s proposed solution… with the economy the way it is, probably not a great idea to be putting anyone out of work to be replaced with robots. Even if a robot groundhog would be totally awesome.

[Via Popcrunch]

[Image Source: vickispix (CC)]

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