Space Shuttle Destroyed

Produced by amateur special effects creator The Faking Hoaxer using real pictures of the shuttle, this video shows what the space shuttle would look like if it would be destroyed in orbit, slowly drifting across the earth’s atmosphere into space.


3 Responses to Space Shuttle Destroyed

  1. Haunting. I'm glad that there were no signs of crew, that I could see.

    Given the 2 prior shuttle disasters, this was almost too much to view. Well done to the point of being very sad.

  2. Nicely done! The camera motion felt natural. The opening was perfect. But not quite realistic. The pieces would certainly be rotating, and the smaller pieces would be rotating very quickly. I'm guessing that there would be few, if any, smaller pieces co-orbiting with the bigger chunks. They would form a much larger elongated cloud.

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