Monday morning links serving: The January 25th edition

Firefox Takes a 15% Speed Jump
Mozilla’s new Firefox 3.6 is about 15% faster than its predecessor, Firefox 3.5, but still is a slowpoke compared to the current speed demons, Apple’s Safari and Google’s Chrome, benchmark tests show.

12 Coolest Steampunk Gadgets
What started as a literary genre has since evolved into an amazing urban art form which delights in making real-life inventions that are a blend of the modern and anachronistic. Meet some of the coolest steampunk gadgets we’ve seen!

Is The World Ready For The Successor of the MP3?
A leading technology company is set to launch a new digital music file format which will embed additional content for fans including lyrics, news updates and images in what could be a successor to the ubiquitous MP3 file.

AT&T Insiders Report iPhone Exclusivity Going Away On Wednesday
We have been led to believe by an inside source that AT&T will lose their iPhone exclusivity on the same day Apple will unveil their new tablet computer.

Pirates Are The Music Industry’s Most Valuable Customer
Once again the music industry has come out with disappointing results for physical music sales, which they blame entirely on file sharing. What they failed to mention though, is that their findings show that music pirates are buying more digital music than the average music consumer.


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