Monday morning links serving: The January 18th edition

German Government: Stop Using Internet Explorer
In a statement issued today, the German Federal Office for Security in Information Technology (known as BSI) recommends that all Internet Explorer users switch to an alternative browser.

15 Funny Facebook Fails
People should always be careful about what they write on Facebook… you never know you might be reading!

Apple Cofounder Confesses: He Loves the Google Phone
Steve Wozniak may have once cut in line to get an iPhone. But now he’s moved on to a hotter gadget.

You don’t need to ‘know’ Linux to use Linux
Once upon a time you needed to know shell commands and how to edit configuration files to use Linux. Today, all you need to know is how to handle a mouse.

Netflix streaming finally coming to the Wii
The Nintendo Wii is finally getting Netflix’s streaming service, which is already available on competing game consoles.