How Tough Are NES Games?

Canadian gaming blogger Rinry showcases in this video the cruel experiment in which she subjected copies of the original NES game Super Mario Brothers/Duck Hunt to various forms of abuse, like being doused in alcohol, hit by a car, or dropped from the top of a parking garage. The verdict? NES cartridges are tough cookies to crack, and make those discs you’re putting into your next-gen consoles look like frail, wimpy things.

How many of you still have a NES? Does it still work? Do you think you’ll be able to say the same about your Xbox in 20 years?


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  1. I still have my original NES that my parents bought me way back when. I love playing Mario on a 60". Funny thing is, even with the wii and ps3 hooked up, anyone who comes to my place wants to play the nes.

  2. Got one ! Still working of course. I bough it 5€ with 5 games (include the 3 mario bros o/) and 2 pads in a garage sale. Blessed be people who don't know they have treasure in their hands, and are ready to sell it for nothing.

    I must confess, I've seen a lot of NES in my life, but not only one that didn't work if you blow a bit in the cartridge.

    My N64 fell from 3 meters, it didn't care at all.

    My NDS had suffer falling on the floor many time and never complained.

    Nintendo stuff for the win !

  3. Holy crap was that video annoying whenever there was text on the screen.

    It's one thing to have keywords highlighted, because then your eyes go along with the flow of your ears.

    But when you're getting whole slabs of text about disks 'bowing' (though I've never had that problem) while someone's saying something different, it means a whole load of rewinding…

  4. I still have 2 NES, one was mine from when I was like 8 and the other was my husband's from approximately the same age, and he's now 30 and I'm getting close. They both still work and we play them constantly, everybody loves them and I still have, and use, the Game Genie with the book of cheat codes for all the NES games!

  5. I still have one (well, actually it was my uncle's).

    Not only is everything tough, but for $100 you got the unit, 2 controllers, the gun, and Mario/Duck Hunt. Try finding a bargain like that anymore.

  6. It's just because blowing clears the metal contacts in the cartridge from dust particles, which prevent it from properly working.

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