Geeks Give Back

In the past week, there have been a number of different fundraising efforts for disaster relief in Haiti, showcasing a global outpouring of generosity. One effort in particular caught my eye, however – the Livejournal community ontd_startrek (translation: oh no they didn’t), which managed to raise $15,000 in two days. Okay, so maybe it’s not exactly a serious fansite, boasting the tagline “Space: No Uglies” and featuring posts largely consisting of macros and capslock and fangirl worship of the GQMF team of Zachary Quinto and Chris Pine – but nothing wrong with that!  And there’s 7,300 people (judging from the number of members of the community) who love Star Trek in a big CAPSLOCK way who managed to channel that into doing some good. Of course, they did get some Twitter love from Mr. Quinto himself out of it. Also, apparently they were running a friendly contest with ontd_ai (American Idol), and it looks like the Trek fans creamed them. Live long and prosper, guys.

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