A Gallery of Geektastic License Plates!

Since our geeky license plates post was one of the most popular from last year, I thought I would dig out a few more. Take note of how many of these are from California! The roads must be teeming with geeks.

Kids first, adults for dessert? – sigsegv (CC)


This license plate is more critical than you might think, considering the shirt. – slworking (CC)

I for one wasn’t sure until now exactly how many A’s were in this word, so good to know! – candiedwomanire (CC)

As far as cheatsheets go, this is way better than writing it on the bottom of your shoe. – marymactavish (CC)

Obscure references, ahoy! This one’s from Homestar Runner. – emdot (CC)

The birthplace of aviation, perhaps, but I don’t think the Linux penguins are getting off the ground. – theamarand (CC)

Showing your social network pride, even if a lot of people will have no clue. – peterkaminski (CC)

It’s not really surprising that this one ended up on Flickr for me to find, even if the photographer wasn’t the driver. – andycarvin (CC)

I wonder if they couldn’t fit the actual address of the blog on there? – wfryer (CC)

Because it’s one thing to just like your databases, but if you love it… – severud (CC)