Monday morning links serving: The January 11th edition

Five Best DVD-Ripping Tools
You pay good money for your DVDs, but they’re hardly the only format you need these days. These five ripping tools ensure you can back them up, keep them on your media server, and load them on your favorite portable player.

15 Of The Funniest Google Auto Complete Searches
15 Of The Funniest Google Auto Complete Searches Ever Found

Chrome sets browser security standard, says expert
All browser makers should take a page from Google’s Chrome and isolate untrusted data from the rest of the operating system, a noted security researcher said today.

How Apple Leaks Secrets To The Media
As suspected, Apple has a systematic approach for leaking news to the press.

The Best of CES 2010
CES week meant one thing: Absolute gadget overload. Here’s the best of Gizmodo’s dispatches from gadget hell, all in one place.

Do Encryption, Decryption & Signing Easily With Seahorse [Linux]
Encryption has been around for quite some time now. It is one of the preferred ways to keep data private and to sign content as coming from an authentic source.


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