Monday morning links serving: The December 28th edition

The 50 Worst Gadgets of the Decade
Just one more week, and we get to leave this decade behind for good. But before we do, it’s worth taking stock of the absolute worst gadgets these last ten years have given us.

Not Photoshopped!
These pictures are mighty fine examples of what forced perspective is all about.

Digg’s Top 10 Most Popular Stories of 2009
We uncovered the top 10 stories for Digg in 2009. While some match top trends on Twitter, Facebook and others (e.g. Barack Obama’s election, Michael Jackson’s death), other stories were decidedly humor only Diggers can truly understand.

Brain Chips: Artificial Intelligence Is All in Your Head
Chips may one day enable brain-native Internet browsing or most any other function currently possible with a computer.

Top 10 End-of-Year Office Upgrades (You Can Probably Write Off)
By this time next week, it’ll be next year—and too late to turn a great investment in your work life into a lower tax burden in April. Splurge wisely on yourself with these write-off-friendly wishlist items.


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