Monday morning links serving: The December 21st edition

Installing Linux voids warranty!
An anonymous reader said a Best Buy manager refused to replace his broken laptop and threw him out of the store twice when he tried to argue. The reader had even gone so far as to purchase an $80 extended warranty.

11 Bizarre Gadgets Mom Shouldn’t See
This is a cool list of 11 bizarre gadgets which some family members just wouldn’t understand, so why try?

The (Last and Next) Decade in Gadgets
In January 2000, odds are that you didn’t own an MP3 player, digital camera or even a cell phone. You certainly couldn’t send saliva through the mail to a service (23andMe) to analyze your DNA. Times have changed. Here are the biggest tech breakthroughs of the past 10 years, and predicts where tech is going in the next 10.

How To Easily Share Your Wireless Connection In Ubuntu 9.10
Ubuntu users are adept at fishing for tutorials and how-tos. Between the official Ubuntu help page , the Ubuntu Forums and our very own MakeUseOf Ubuntu Bible, almost any problem can be solved.

25 most popular workspaces of 2009
Lifehacker’s 25 most popular workspaces of 2009.

Deceiving Billboard Ads
This compilation holds some of the most original and creative advertisements I’ve ever seen.


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