Five Innovations that Will Change Cities in the Next Five Years

Today, IBM unveiled a list of innovations that have the potential to change how people live, work and play in cities around the globe over the next five to ten years: Cities will have healthier immune systems. City buildings will sense and respond like living organisms. Cars and city buses will run on empty. Smarter systems will quench cities’ thirst for water and save energy. Cities will respond to a crisis — even before receiving an emergency phone call. [Source: IBM]

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6 Responses to Five Innovations that Will Change Cities in the Next Five Years

  1. garbage – most cities dont even have naked adsl2+ in all areas – I hate bad predictions.

    All of this stuff has been available for years – but all of a sudden we will get it tomorrow….lmao

  2. Honest question: Is this tongue in cheek?

    Building that behave like spaceships? Knowing when a crime will take place before it does so based on crime patterns alone?

    Sounds like someone's watched too many sci-fi films…

  3. They had me until the talk about pattern recognition and crime statistics. I don't want data to be gathered and saved about me. What is legal today might be illegal with another government tomorrow.

  4. can anyone say Minority Report?

    How about the fact that the most powerful greenhouse gas is water vapor?

    Methane's a killer too!

    Overpopulation anyone? Or will that not be an issue?

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