Wednesday Geeky Pics: Geeky Snowmen

Well, it’s December, and for many of you (not me – I’m in Georgia!), the weather outside is frightful. Which means that it’s time for some potentially geeky art projects of the snowy variety. After all, snowmen are to winter as jack-o-lanterns are to autumn. So if you were looking for some ideas for your creations, have a look at these!

Corncob pipes and button noses are so low-tech. – dominichargreaves (CC)

Frosty the Cylon was a jolly, happy soul… – don solo (CC)

Frosty Who? Though as far as scarves go, you can’t really get much better than that. – great beyond (CC)

This is not the snowman you’re looking for. – balakov (CC)

The snowman itself might be fairly nondescript, but there’s nothing like letting your favorite manga character help you build it. – manic (CC)

… or you can get the assistance of a robot. Even low-tech robots can handle a little snow. – flygraphix (CC)

At Oxford, even the snowmen are intellectuals. – daveybot (CC)

I’m convinced at this point that you canmake a Dalek out of pretty much anything. – thebadastronomer (CC)

It might not look like much, but this snowman can be freely distributed or modified! – eriol (CC)