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How To: Totally Overhaul Your Phones With Google Voice
Google Voice, which lets users consolidate all their phones under one number, archive your texts and voicemails, and much, much more, is two things to most people: vaguely promising, and totally confusing. Here’s how to make the switch, in plain English.

12 Coolest Google Street View Finds
If you thought Google Earth was dangerous, wait until you see these revealing images from Google Street View.

Most Popular DIY Projects of 2009
We love DIY projects here at Lifehacker. Whether we’re building computers, backyard projects, or turning office supplies into artillery, we’re always tinkering. Today we’re taking a peek at the most populay DIY projects of 2009.

MIT gestural computing makes multitouch look old hat
Ah, the MIT Media Lab, home to Big Bird’s illegitimate progeny, augmented reality projects aplenty, and now three-dimensional gestural computing.

The future of WiFi: gigabit speeds and beyond
Now that 802.11n has been officially ratified, attention is turning to the next big thing in wireless networking: gigabit WiFi. Ars explores the future of WiFi and how it may give gigabit Ethernet a run for its money.


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