Gift Guide #2: Gifts for the Geek Fan

In our next gift guide, we take you to a recipient who might not be quite as hard to shop for – as long as you know where to look.  After all, if you’re shopping for someone who just can’t get enough Star Trek, or Doctor Who, or Battlestar Galactica, at least you already know what they like!  The key is to just get a little creative, so here are some ideas…

The Vermont Teddy Bear Company has bears for every occasion, and for every kind of recipient… including the Star Trek fan. Spock in teddy bear form? Illogical!

T-shirts are one of the best ways to show your fannish loyalties, of course – and there’s so many to choose from. Shirt.Woot is an excellent place to find the whole spectrum – I especially recommend this one. When fandoms collide – literally! Glarkware is another great place to look – especially if someone is sad they didn’t get one of the real Cylon toasters at Comic Con. And last but not least, you can check one of our old articles listing 25 incredibly geeky t-shirts.

From the vast array of Lego sets out there – just pick one! Star Wars is obviously a logical choice. Or you can just give them a big bucket of generic blocks and have them set about creating a to-scale model of Hogwarts from scratch.

And speaking of Hogwarts, Alivan’s is the maker of fine wands for the discerning Harry Potter fan.  Picking the right wand for someone can be a real labor of love. Do they need holly or maple or mahogany (or even yew!) to make their magic sing? These wands might not have unicorn hair or dragon heartstring, but they still look pretty authentic.

Besides breeding like cute little asexual bunnies, Tribbles have the side effect of being incredibly calming (for most humanoids). These interactive tribbles will soothe the Star Trek fan in your life – well, unless they happen to be a Klingon, that is.

So Joel Watson at HijiNKS Ensue made a comic, and it featured a certain shirt, and of course said shirt was so awesome that Battlestar fans everywhere wanted one (or maybe just anti-fans of Twilight). So now you can buy it! And then when fourteen-year-old girls look at you quizzically, you can just proudly say, “The other Edward.”

Remember ThinkGeek’s sleeping gag from April Fool’s? Because the Tauntaun sleeping bag was far too awesome to just be a joke, it is now available for purchase. It even has a “printed intestine pattern” inside the bag, and is apparently perfect for playing “Save Luke from the Wampa” games.

Has someone in your life become enthralled by the geek-friendly celebrities on their Twitter feeds? For those breathlessly awaiting the next 140-character update, perhaps hanging that person around their neck is in order. These Twitter necklaces from Survival of the Hippest can be customized to read whatever you like: @NathanFillion, @ElizaDushku, @BrentSpiner, @FeliciaDay, @geeksaresexy

Happy holidays, everyone!  ‘Tis the season for sharing, so spread the fandom love: if you’re a fan, perhaps the best gift you can give is a DVD set of your favorite show.

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