Deal of the Day: Palm Pre Phone – $79.99 (84% off) currently offers the Palm Pre at only $79.99 with the purchase of a 2-year contract with Sprint. Please note that Sprint currently offers the phone for $150 under the same conditions. The Pre is an awesome little piece of hardware that has many of the same features as the iPhone, but with the addition of a physical keyboard.

[Pal Pre Phone (Sprint) – $79.99 (With a 2-year contract)]


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  1. Just a clarification – the Palm Pre (and any other current Sprint mobile handset) does not use the 4G network. All Sprint handsets are 3G (CDMA/EvDO rev A). 4G typically refers to LTE or WiMAX. Sprint does offer WiMAX services through Clearwire that they are calling 4G, but so far they only offer Laptop cards, not mobile handsets.

    A cubicle drone from Sprint, subsection 1239, sector 7G

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