Gift Guide #1: Sexy Gifts for the Geeky Gal

It’s not always easy to get gifts for the geek gal in your life. We’re a curious bunch, with varied interests and influences, often with our own sense of specific style. Some of us are makers, some are crafters, some are scientists, some are literature nuts.

So, this Cyber Monday, I thought I’d put together a few sexy gift ideas that might work for your geek gal, as well as a few hints for shopping, selecting sizes, and adding that special personal touch to her gifts.

Custom Dice: Perfect for the gaming geek, and a sexy, sexy thing to behold! At Chessex you can custom design dice, with some rather impressive results. Perhaps there’s a certain script that would work, or a symbol that her character is associated with.  If custom isn’t up your alley, consider Dwarven Stones and Dwarven Metal – made of rock or metal, these little shinies are sure to be a hit at the tabletop next encounter.

Firefly: The Complete Series DVD – Currently it’s on sale at Amazon for a remarkable $29.99 which includes free shipping. Quite possibly the best show that never was, Firefly has a special place in the hearts of many a geek girl. Not that Nathan Fillion in Western-inspired gear has anything to do with it. Um. I’ll be in my bunk…

202Urban Decay Makeup: Contrary to stereotypes, plenty of geek girls love makeup, especially with a sense of humor and gorgeous colors. And with shades like Ransom, Graffiti, and Corruption, who can resist? While they’re a little pricey compared to the stuff at the convenience store, with free shipping on orders over $50, and some seriously gorgeous packaging (and earth-friendly/vegan items) you’ll likely find your geek lady treasures it. Not sure about colors? Well, no worries with Urban Decay. Really, it’s about fun an experimentation! (Not to mention, you can always return unused stuff… or check out her makeup and see what colors she likes.)

– Want something even sexier? How about geeky panties? You know, those private jokes you share (pun intended). Word to the wise, though. Don’t just assume you know the size of your lady’s er, derriere. Buying too-big or too-small underwear might not go over that well. Thankfully, it’s not hard to figure out her underwear size. You go to her underwear drawer and cleverly extricate a pair, flip it over, and read the size. See, not that hard! Order accordingly.

– The sexiest accessory I’ve seen this season: fuchsia driving gloves. If your geek gal loves her car as much as I do, but hates bulky, slippery, useless gloves, consider something like these gorgeous fingerless gloves. They actually come in four different colors, but I’d never consider anything but black or pink.

Naamah's Kiss– Geeky, sexy books are always a good choice. Two series I’ll recommend, if your geek lady likes to tow the line between fantasy/sci-fi and romance, by particularly well-written ladies Diana Gabaldon and Jacqueline Carey. Gabaldon is more well-known, and as reluctant as I was to read the whole time-traveling Highlander tale, I was surprised to find such engaging, detailed, historically-based writing. And her characters are wonderfully endearing (just keep in mind that you may find yourself buying a kilt before all is said and done). Carey is much more fantasy-based, and her most well-known series revolve around heroine Phèdre, an anguisette and professional courtesan (to use a term… but not exactly). Carey re-creates Judeo-Christian mythologies and repurposes European history to create a truly unique, and wonderfully sensual, world. Both have new books out, as well – Carey’s Naamah’s Kiss and Gabaldon’s An Echo in the Bone. (On a side-note: if you’re looking for something really special, consider buying a signed book for her; there’s nothing so sexy as her knowing you listen to her talk about her favorite authors and took the time to seek out a special edition.)

– If she happens to be into corsetry, and you have a little extra cash on hand, how about this anatomically correct skeleton corset from Etsy artist louiseblack? There’s something remarkably geeky and sexy about this particular pattern, with just enough tongue in cheek that any geek gal can appreciate!

Stay tuned for more gift guides for the girl geeks in your life!