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How To: Back Up Any Smartphone
You back up your computers, or at least know that you should. But what about your smartphones? They carry massive amounts of personal data, and are subjected to life-or-death situations on a daily basis. Here’s how to back them up.

12 Worst Photoshop Mistakes ever
In ads and other public media – from extra hand to missing jaw

Intel: Your Brain Will Control Your Computer By 2020
Intel is developing chips that can be implanted in peoples brains to operate computers, cell phones and television sets.

Internet Explorer 9: what you need to know
Microsoft showed Internet Explorer 9 for the first time yesterday at its Professional Developer Conference, but a technical preview won’t be available before next year (perhaps at CES 2010 in January).

Top 10 Ergonomic Upgrades for Your Workspace
It’s easy to forget about your body’s needs when you’re deep into your work or the net—until your body offers a painful reminder. Save your physical shell some strain with these cheap, customizable ergonomic workspace upgrades.

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