Geeky Pics: Robots!

With the popularity of both the kick-ass (Transformers) and adorable (WALL-E) variety, robots are kind of hot right now. But even the really imaginative kind aren’t just on the big screen or in the future; in fact, you might find them in some strange places…

Just because you don’t have a stomach doesn’t mean you don’t need cookies. – angelinawb (CC), And you don’t have to have blood to need caffeine coursing through your veins. stevekeys (CC), Um hi, can you get this guy off my back? – gogdog (CC), These are not ideal environmental conditions for either humans or robots. But it’s kind of cute. – eldave (CC), True love, obviously. Hey baby, wanna go kill all the humans? – donsolo (CC), Steampunk Beholder is watching you. – danielproulx (CC), Dead end. – donsolo (CC), The end of the world is no time to be high-tech. – luvataciousskull (CC)

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