CNET UK Names iPhone the World’s Worst

iPhone Sucks

Ouch. Even the headline is painful. It appears that, in spite of a recently positive review in June, at least one editor at CNET UK has decided that it’s high time the iPhone’s shortcomings are shown to the world. In a slightly tongue-in-cheek list, Flora Graham spares no barbs detailing the biggest problems with the iPhone and concludes that while it’s a great handheld computer, it sucks as a phone.

Between dropped calls, inferior call quality, missed calls, hot temperatures, and negligible battery life, Graham reports that the iPhone is simply an inferior phone all around. After her rather exhaustive list, she begs the question:

If the iPhone is inaudible, unconnected, on fire and out of battery, why is the thing so popular?

While I appreciate her honesty on the subject, and am certainly wary of the iPhone’s remarkable grasp on the market, from my experience the list feels a little dramatic. Our iPhone has its quirks, but those flaws pale in comparison to the two Treos we had before. The fact that it’s a phone does indeed feel second-string in regard to everything else it can do, but I think that was the point of the phone to begin with. Making crystal clear phone calls isn’t necessarily the reason people buy cell phones anymore, especially considering that we have so many other methods of communication these days. I know, personally, I only make calls when I know email, Twitter, or Facebook isn’t an option.

However, the list and its acidic tone may simply signify a new trend in iPhone perception, especially on the heels of the Nokia lawsuit regarding the technology the iPhones use. With its single provider lockdown here in the states–only AT&T supports the iPhone–and many stories about App Store nightmares from developers and consumers alike, it might be time for Apple to consider their tarnishing image.

Do you have any iPhone horror stories? Do you think any new phones coming to the market as purported “iPhone killers” have a chance? Or are these negative iPhone stories just trying to get some press?

[Image: CNET UK]